Dear DMA Member and friends,

DMA Monthly Meetings

For our monthly meetings, which take place the last Tuesday of each month (except for most Decembers), The Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. (DMA) has hybrid meetings (both online and in-person). With the exception of perhaps some of our special Interest Groups (SIGs), most of those hybrid or online meetings will be using the Zoom product.

There are at least three good reasons for having our meeting online:

  • According to APCUG’s research, there is an increasing interest in user groups having online meetings – even if there were no Coronavirus threats. This could be a good way  to grow the DMA’s membership. We already have many online meeting options available. So many, that we could have more online instructional meetings throughout the month.  
  • Because it is best for all of us to maintain social routines as closely as possible, we want to continue our tradition of the last Tuesday of the month General meetings. It seems that the Zoom online meeting product is likely the most popular such product—and also new to many DMA members and our friends. Because of this, we thought it might be a good idea to have for our first online General Meeting a topic of demonstrations on how to best to use and show others how to use Zoom.
  • Also, in the users-helping-users tradition of user groups such as the DMA, maybe we can come up with some little-known hacks, enhancements, add-ons along with some undocumented features—also known as surprises, which make a better monthly online General meeting – for our last meeting.

If you have any problems connecting, please contact us via We will then either email you helpful information, or we will have a knowledgeable and helpful DMA member assist with your connection issues. product for Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Screen Sharing

You can download the “Zoom Client for Meetings” application for your device & test your audio/web camera before attending the meeting. Web camera not required to attend the meeting. You will still be able to view the presentation.

When you start the zoom application to join a meeting, zoom checks for any updates. If you get a option to update, please update before joining the meeting.

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