DMA Needs

Donations to the DMA through the Non-Profit Dayton Foundation

The Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc. (DMA) is a 45-year-old 501c(3) non-profit computer user group-organization dedicated to educating the interested community about all types of digital technology.

  • If you presently enjoy or have enjoyed past DMA meetings or events.
  • If you have learned from your DMA friends through these meetings or events.
  • If you have a spouse who has enjoyed DMA meetings.
  • Or, if you just like what the DMA is doing for the computing community—

Please consider a donation to the DMA through the Non-Profit Dayton Foundation.

Your contribution through the Dayton Foundation can be part of a planned giving program including a stock, bond, commodity donation or other form of security (but not cyber currency). It can also be a one-time donation, an infrequent donation, or a series of scheduled donations.

The easiest way to donate to the DMA is by clicking on the button below and then using a credit card.

On this directed page, one can also see contact information for Dayton Foundation personnel willing to address donations to the DMA which do not involve a one-time contribution using a credit card.

The Dayton Foundation personnel ask that potential donors call the Dayton Foundation if the money donation is anything other than a one-time contribution through a credit card.

Your donation can be earmarked for various category options, including:

  • Future Event(s)
  • Helping the DMA find a new location for, and to expand its Computer Museum.
  • Expanding and/or multiplying the DMA’s existing scholarship program.
  • Other future, as yet undetermined, activities.

To Indicate a category preference, Please do so only through the “Special Instructions” field. If your donation is being made in the name of another individual, this would also be the place for this information.

The members of DMA Board of Trustees ask that anything other than dollar donations be first addressed by the DMA before any contact is made to the Dayton Foundation. The best way to contact the members of the DMA Board of Trustees is through the DMA’s contact us form found here: Contact us – Dayton Microcomputer Association (


Other ways you can help the DMA is to volunteer.

Is there anything that you feel the DMA should do? The online DMA Board of Trustees meetings take place the first Monday of each month (the second Monday, if the first is a holiday). Visit one of the DMA Board meetings and tell us what you would like to do. To request a link to the online DMA Board of Trustees meeting, please visit the DMA’s contact us form here: Contact us – Dayton Microcomputer Association (